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2021 House Competitions' Finals Weekend

By John Stevens Cardiff Athletic Bowls Club

Thursday, 23 September 2021


Cardiff Athletic Bowls Club Contributor



After much deliberation and with the assistance of Phil Edwards, I have attached the playing schedule for the Finals weekend. The schedule has been particularly difficult to achieve this year, given that the handicap quarter final and semi-final have yet to be played. in addition,one of the 2 wood singles semi-finals has not been played. Lessons to be learnt for next year.

The task has been made even more difficult owing to the small group of players participating in many different finals.

Also, the handicap final has been carried over to Monday 27th September, owing to the backlog of games in this competition. As a result, we have confirmed with our greenkeepers (Avonmore) that the green will not be available until Monday 4th October 2021.

We have also endeavoured to ensure that no player is playing more than two matches on any one day.

Dress code: dress for the finals is new team shirts and grey trousers/shorts for competitors and white tops and greys for officiators.

The bar will be open on each day so by all means come along and enjoy the competitions.

The schedule is therefore as follows:

Friday 24th September:

13:00hrs - Over 60’s - Bob Day v Phil Edwards (Final) - Officiated by Kevin Bush

13:00hrs - 2 wood singles - Billy Gould v Peter Christian (Semi-final)

15:00hrs - Handicap - Bob Day v Peter Christian (Quarter final) - Officiated by Phil Edwards

Saturday 25th September:

13:00hrs - Championship - Bob Day v Peter Christian (Final) - Officiated by Brian Fisher

13:00hrs - Novice - Phil Edwards v Mike Percy (Final) - Officiated by Maurice Lewis

15:00hrs - 7 UP - Billy Gould v Phil Edwards (Final) - Officiated by Brian Fisher

15:00hrs - 4 Wood Pairs - Peter Christian/Mike Cosslett v Mike Parker/Mike Percy (Final)

Sunday 26th September:

13:00hrs - 2 Wood Pairs - C Barrett/Dave Phillips v Billy Gould/Mike Percy (Final)

13:00hrs - Handicap - Bob Day or Peter Christian v Phil Edwards (Semi Final) - Officiated by Kevin Bush

15:00hrs - 2 Wood Singles - Bob Day v Billy Gould or Peter Christian (Final) - Officiated by Brian Fisher

Monday 27th September:

13:00hrs - Handicap - Maurice Lewis v either Bob Day, Peter Christian or Phil Edwards (Final) - Officiator to be notified!

Peter Christian

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