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2021 The Diddler Clarified

By John Stevens Cardiff Athletic Bowls Club

Sunday, 26 September 2021


Cardiff Athletic Bowls Club Contributor


The Diddler Explained

Members, the purpose of this email is to clarify the ‘diddler’ rules in force for the remainder of the season and to enfinity & beyond.

The diddler is awarded to a winning rink, with the highest winning margin

  • where 2 or more rinks have won their respective matches, the highest margin takes the pot. e.g., Rink A wins by 21-9 (12 point winning margin) and Rink B wins by 19-3 (16 point winning margin) - Rink B awarded the diddler with the largest winning margin!

  • Where 2 or more rinks win by the same margin, the diddler is awarded to the rink with the highest score. e.g., Rink A wins 21-9 (12 point winning margin) and Rink B wins by 24-12 (12 point winning margin) - Rink B awarded the diddler as they have the highest score i.e., 24 as compared to rink A with 21!

  • Where no rink wins a game, the diddler - is rolled over to the next match in the same league i.e., PG1, PG2 etc.

  • Where a match is curtailed for any reason [weather, light etc] - the diddler rules will be applied using the score at the time the match was abandoned.

Regards, Peter Christian pp CABC Committee.

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